Yifu Strip Poker 3

This is a fun little strip poker game

Game Description

This is a fun little strip poker game.

This is the third version of Yifu Strip Poker made like a visual novel with Tyranobuilder. You can use Tyranobuilder to make your own visual novel with the free assets that I have made for visual novel makers. You can find characters and backgrounds and other stuff here…


My visual novels are free and I want to keep them that way because I didn’t have much money when I first discovered itch.oi and started reading all the great visual novels from there.

I eventually learned how to make my own visual novels using TyranoBuilder and I really enjoy making visual novels but it takes a lot of time.

So if you are a person of means I would request that you donate some money so I can keep making visual novels and resources for visual novel makers.

Please donate if you can. https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/QuarkYifu

Or visit my E-Bay Store and check out my enchanted good luck charms!


See my other Itch.io stuff including more free character sets here…


Visit my page on itch.io where you will find resources to make your own visual novels and my past projects “Angel Hard”, “Yifu Strip Poker” and my first visual novel “Sex Puppet” and a lot of other stuff.

If you want to play more Strip Poker you can find Yifu Strip Poker 1 here…

Browser Version: https://quarkyifu.itch.io/yifu-strip-poker-ver1-browser

PC Version: https://quarkyifu.itch.io/yifu-strip-poker-ver001

You can find Yifu Strip Poker 2 Here… 

Browser Version: https://quarkyifu.itch.io/yifu-strip-poker-2-browser

PC Version: https://quarkyifu.itch.io/yifu-strip-poker-2

This visual novel contains adult material, nudity and animated scenes depicting sexual encounters. You must be 18 years old or older to view this material.

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