Yifu Comics ~ Doctor Evil ~

Comic Book Style Visual Novel

Game Description

Yifu Comics Presents Doctor Evil. A comic book style visual novel with sound and animations. Read time about a half hour.

Sample Text…

Doctor Evil: Have you decided to join my evil empire yet?

Angel: I’m still thinking about it.

Angel: If I work for you I can’t be friends with Cherry anymore.

Angel: I’m trying to convince her to join me and help you take over the world but she seems to think it woud be wrong or something.

Doctor Evil: Why?

Angel: She thinks your idea to enslave humanity is bad.

Angel: She thinks that humanity should be able to chose it’s own fate with a fair and democratic government system in control.

Doctor Evil: Now that’s just stupid. That’s never going to happen.

Doctor Evil: Someone has to take over the world and enslave humanity.

Doctor Evil: If not me it’s just gonna be someone else.

Angel: I know, but Cherry doesn’t see it like that…

Doctor Evil: Can’t you reason with her? No one can stop me now anyways.

Doctor Evil: When I take over the world who’s side do you wanna be on?

Doctor Evil: You tried every legal way in the world to stop me already. How’d that go for you?

Angel: Can’t you just stop being evil?

Angel: You already have everything anyone could ever want.

Doctor Evil: I’m evil Angel.

Doctor Evil: It wasn’t a choice. I was born like this.

Doctor Evil: I was raised in an evil family by evil parents…

Doctor Evil: I had an evil dog and stuff.

Doctor Evil: My dad was Mayor of Evil City.


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