Yifu Comics ~ Blain ~

Comic book style visual novel

Game Description

Yifu Comics “Blain” Comic book style Adult Visual Novel with sound and animation. Read time about an hour. 

Sample Text…

Adam: I think it’s usually the girls fault that honesty doesn’t work. Guys lie to girls so they can get pussy.

Girls always say they want total honesty but then they don’t really like the truth. Guys are all horny dogs Blain.

Let’s say a guy decides to be honest with a girl that he likes.

The girl will soon discover that the guy honestly just wants to fuck everything.

He wants to fuck her, all her friends, her mom and any other girl that he can even if he doesn’t like them.


Do you really think that all guys are like that?

Lot’s of guys fall in love and get married and things like that.

Adam: Yeah… You ever notice that a lot of them get caught cheating latter?

Let me tell you a guy secret.

Even if a guy loves a girl like crazy he still wants to have sex with other girls.

The guys that are always loyal and faithful just don’t have the opportunity to cheat or else they would.

Let’s say a guy loves his wife very much and he gets the opportunity to have sex with another girl and he knows he won’t get caught.

Of course he wants to fuck the girl. The guy will do it every time.

From the guy’s point of view there won’t be a problem as long as he doesn’t get caught.

Guys are total sluts Blain.

We just can’t help ourselves!

Do you think we want to give all our money to strippers?

We’re compelled to do it!


Girls cheat too.

There are a lot of girls that marry a nice, stable guy that doesn’t really turn them on and then cheat on him with some guy that does.

Girls get horny too.

I know that girls get horny too but there’s a difference.

It’s like the difference between throwing a bullet and shooting it.

Once a guy gets rejected a few times for being honest he learns to always lie to girls.


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