Witch’s Brew

An adult interactive fiction game.

Game Description

Hello! I’m SylvieCA, and I am currently working on an adult interactive fiction game in Twine. My game, Witch’s Brew, is an erotic, character driven, sandbox game where you take the role of a young witch just after the passing of her mentor. Get to know the townsfolk and create potions to help them or corrupt them. The game features themes of transformation and corruption while also including many kinky opportunities. Currently the game contains over 170,000 words worth of content, the equivalent of a short novel. 

What is the gameplay like?
Witch’s Brew is heavily narrative based and takes inspiration from games like Corruption of Champions as well as old point and click adventure games. As such, solving puzzles and figuring out how to achieve what you want play a role in gameplay but the bulk of the content is in choose your own adventure style scenes. 

Thank you for your interest in Witch’s Brew!

This game contains adult content. Please do not play or support Witch’s Brew if you are under the legal age in your country.


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