Wild Pines Zoo Resort Demo

Trapped in a large zoo full of horny anthro furries! You gotta find your boyfriend!

Game Description

This is a demo of a full game on my Patreon
You can get the full game here!

After fumbling to express your love to your crush, Jessie, you find yourself stuck in a resort full of horny anthro animals and Jessie is kidnapped by a tall anthro dragon named Tallos!
Fortunately, an animatronic penguin named Pengo has saved you from the thick corruption in the air. Turns out, the tiny little city zoo you took Jessie to has transformed into a sprawling resort, with exhibits of all kinds, and Jessie has now locked himself in his penthouse on the roof of the hotel.
This lock has three keyholes in it. The only people who hold the keys are three “masters” who Tallos has chosen to lead the three major exhibits of the resort.

The strong, confident polar bear of the Arctic Exhibit… 
the tricky, childish fox of the Forest Exhibit…

and the beautiful, popular secretary bird of thsdse Avian Exhibit.

You will have to navigate these exhibits, get through puzzles and find your way to each of the three masters to get their keys, all in order to stomp up to Tallos’ penthouse and save Jessie!
Or…get transformed by the many, many horny creatures, who would do anything to see your humanity wither away~


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