Whakawai: Under The Spotlights

Hiro interrupts a movie shoot, and ends up being in the film.

Game Description

This is an exciting story of Hiro,  he and his girlfriend stumble on a movie shoot. They inadvertently become part of the movie and are asked to stay and continue with the shoot. This happens to be a porno so they so excited to be part of the shoot fucking the other actors.

Each time the cursor is visible you will have to carry out an action. You will have to click the hot spot. Keep the mouse clicked on that area and you will see the pleasure bar start to function and rise. A double click is required where you are to find a hot spot as well, But when you release the click the cursor is visible again which means the action is not yet finished and you must quickly find the next hot spot to get that pleasure bar back up. Some hot spots require a click and a move. So, click and then move the mouse around without releasing the click over where the action must happen.  And last the click and go, which is a click and a move of the mouse in a coming and going action.


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