Were Tent

It’s a full moon and your camping friends might be were-creatures

Game Description

A were-creatures adult furry transformation text game! You are camping with friends during a full moon night! Unbeknownst to you, one is a werewolf, another is a weredonkey, and a third is a werenaga. Stay with a friend for the night and you might become one too!

The protagonist in this game is male. The player’s name, height, and body type are customizable. Becoming a were-creature can change your height and body type when transformed. There are six male NPCs and six female NPCs. Sexual content includes M/M and M/F. Undesired sexual content can be avoided by not selecting the undesired person. Three NPCs randomly start out as were-creatures. If you select a were-creature NPC, then your character will become that were-creature if your character was human when you selected the were-creature NPC. After you have become a were-creature, you can transform human NPCs into that were-creature.

The game is currently not very long. Each character has one major scene with alternate versions of the scene depending on who is a were-creature.

This is the first version of Were Tent. You can find more games on my Patreon and discord accounts with the specific links listed on the first page of the actual game. If you would like to support me, then become a patron at https://www.patreon.com/desirelines and you will receive access to early content of my games before they’re posted anywhere else. If you would like for Were Tent to be updated with more content, then become a polling patron and vote for Were Tent to receive updates.


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