Wendys Birthday Party

It’s Wendy’s birthday, so the entire gang comes by for a party/orgy.

Game Description

Wendy’s parents are sad they are away for their daughter’s birthday. So, they have agreed to allow Nanny to throw her a party. She has invited Kenny and he has invited some of his friends as Wendy does not know that many people her age there. Nanny has convinced the parents to allow some champagne, but only as there will be plenty of adult supervision. Of course all these plans are fantastic but Wendy and Cloe love to push boundaries and what was planned as a nice birthday party becomes a Greek orgy with swapping of girls and ass fucking and pussy fingering all over the house.

Each time the cursor is visible you have to carry out an action by using the following controls:

The ‘simple click’: You find a hot spot and you proceed as with a ‘simple click’… But when you release the mouse button, the cursor becomes visible indicating that the action is not yet finished. That means that you must act quickly to find a second hot spot. 

The ‘click and move’: Find a hot spot and click on it and then, without releasing the mouse button, move your mouse in the direction where the action must occur.

The ‘come and go’: Works like the ‘click and move’ ,but the mouse movement must be a coming and going action…


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