we don’t talk about remie

a deck building interactive conversation sim

Game Description

we don’t talk about remie is a conversation between two friends that haven’t seen eachother for two years. join remie and nico as they discover what has changed in a cards-against-humanity meets interactive novel game.

choose your words carefully, since they can have unexpected side effects. your can only play each card once, so it may be wise to reserve them for later! watch as the mood of the encounter shifts with every action you take.

content warnings: in some of the conversations there are depictions of transphobia, missgender and deadnaming, always as a result of the player’s actions. there is also a non explicit mention of suicidal thoughts. please take care when playing and while we tried to cover this topics the best we could, it is completely ok if you need to stop at any point.


– space to advance the conversation

– use the mouse to select the cards

– esc to go back to the menu

known issues:

due to the jam submissions closing up, only the web build is updated. the downloadable ones have a game breaking bug on them. this will be fixed after the jam voting period ends.

in the third act there are some options that might crash the game. :c

there is no sound and one story line is not finished. we intend to fix this too!

this is our first game using bevy and rust, and we had such a blast working with them. having gone from unity to godot to writing an engine from scratch, bevy is everything i wish i made. we will definitely be using it to make more games!

source code at: https://github.com/josekoalas/strawbevy-jam

bevy game engine v0.11-dev (MIT, Apache 2.0)

bevy_pkv for saving state (MIT, Apache 2.0)

– awesome yarn spinner bindings by sanbox-irl (MIT)

console_error_panic_hook and noise crates (MIT, Apache 2.0)

ponderosa font (Free for commercial/personal use, share alike)

– the bevy project template with ci (MIT, Apache 2.0)

aseprite for pixel art

blender for 3d modeling / level design

audacity to create audio

made with love by your fellow enbies, eko and miguel lópez golán.


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