Warrior of the North Wood

Linda Wright’s sexy RPG adventure!

Game Description

UPDATED 9/12/2021 v0.0.13D

Linda Wright is the Warrior of the North Wood in this Erotic RPG where she must do battle against all manner of monsters and fiends to oppose the evil Lord Adder who has sunken the world into a realm of perversion. Will she topple the dark lord and restore peace to the kingdom or will she overthrow him and take his place? The choice is yours!


That’s right, we’re back! Engage in this brand-new adventure with Linda Wright, delving into this new fantasy world as the Warrior of the North Wood. Fight, fuck, level up and discover. There’s still a LOT I have planned for the game but please be patient. I am a one-woman dev team so there’s going to be some time between updates but I listened to your feedback and built in the most requested features. The biggest thing is now- FULL CGI ILLUSTRATIONS! That’s right, every enemy has a minimum of two unique illustrations and in some cases, animations. I’ve got more levels in the works, boss fights, new NPCs and of course, tons and tons of enemies. 

The game is fully controlled through mouse/touch. No second hand needed.


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