Waifus+ (Demo)

Game Description



If you have problems playing some of the stories, below you will find downloadable versions that may give you better experience.

Waifus+ are a set of short stories with your favorite waifus, and if your favorite waifu is not here yet, don’t be sad, she may be the next one to appear!

The first 3 Waifus+ stories are available in this version.

Languages : English/Spanish

1st story:  Lucoa vs Lucoa

2nd story:  A failed mission

3rd story:  Next station…

4th story:  Mona’s Great Prediction (Only Patreon)

5th story:  Successful rescue (Only Patreon)

6th story:  A bad choice (Only Patreon)

7th story:  A night with Rias (Only Patreon)

8th story:  A shot for Power (Only Patreon)

9th story:  Cum x Yor (Only Patreon)

10th story:  The Rising of the Sensual Raphtalia (Only Patreon – In development)

11th story:  Do you want to be my teacher? (Only Patreon – In development)

12th story:  The best concert of your life (Only Patreon – In development)


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