Violet – weight gain game (demo 0.3.2)

a WIP, join my Discord to vote on what content should be added next

Game Description

*Adult content – this game contains themes of feederism and weight-gain fetish*

Meet Violet, a blue-haired cowgirl who works as a food critic. However, your actions decide just how much her job impacts her waistline. 

This is an early demo of my first visual novel. I’ve been generating AI art for quite some time now, and I’ve decided to start making visual novels with it. 

Playing the game in the browser is known to take a few seconds to load new images. I recommend playing a downloadable version for better immersion.

Check out my discord if you have any feedback or suggestions. I’m open to ideas as to what should be included in the game, I also host polls that you can vote on what should be added.


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