Verti-Baes IF

The dating sim no one asked for.

Game Description

This game is inspired by games made by other creators on here! Most noteably, I am inspired constantly by Darkpetal16. Please check her out!

This game has a lot of AUs in it. I mean ALOT. I tried to list every creator and if the AU is community owned. I hope that helps people? But if you think I’ve put the wrong creator, please let me know.

This game is Adult Oriented and is planned to be NSFW/Suggestive in the future. I will be adding an option to remove those scenes, of course.

There is a lot of planned content for this game. Like.. so much. From joining the mafia to joining the Star Sans’.

There will be romance scenes with almost every skeleton. Please note that some skeletons just.. aren’t going to be datable. If it conflicts with their character, its just not going to happen. Sorry!

I did not make the Inventory system for this game. It is made by ChapelR for Sugarcube 2.36.1.

As stated above, most of the AUs aren’t mine. I link credits inside the IF. Please check those out!


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