Trust the Owls: Reborn [Ch5 10 Dec]

Trust the Owls: Reborn an improved experience.

Game Description

In the heart of Ernin, a new soul has come into existence with the potential to bring change. Kalvanya, a kingdom known for its massive strength, has caught the attention of the powerful gods, called Aniters.

A new soul has arrived in the midst of what many would call the most controversial family on the planet. A child born with the hope of bringing change.

Characters will react to your appearance and make comments based on their personalities and judgment. (they will gradually appear and change as you grow up)

The game is character driven and the dialogue will be shaped by your age. As the MC grows, the inner monologue will change, and many of the scenes will become more descriptive.

There are and will be: general mature topics, gore, slavery, racism, upsetting scenarios. Rating will be 18+.

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If you noticed any bugs, please let me know!


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