Tri Hearts

A 3 Character Adult Puzzle Platformer

Game Description

The first playable build of Tri Hearts  for better idea of the look and gameplay. While it is still far from final, placeholders are replaced with higher quality assets, and artwork is added.

First playable to Demo devlog build will be available for free for public. Demo to Finished game devlog will only be available for our Patrons!

Tri Hearts is “The Lost Viking”- like puzzle platformer adult game, where you control 3 character to solve puzzle in a side scroller platformer to find the exit gate.Each character have a different abilities to perform. Use their uniques abilities to work together in order for the 3 of them is safely escape the dungeon.


WASD or Arrow button to move and jump
SPACE BAR to swap characters

ESC to bring the game menu

All character must be in front of the gate to finish a level.

The Demons have invaded the world and are capturing slaves…

Gratia, priestress turned slave, is escaping an Orc and Goblin infested dungeon.

Along the way she meets with a Cow Girl and Cat Girl, each with their own special abilities. Can the 3 of them can escape together?


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