Trash Hero: From the Abyss

An adult text-based RPG furry game.

Game Description

Trash Hero is a high fantasy interaction fiction game with RPG elements. Making use of a functional turn based combat system with dice rolls, different abilities and items, NPC interaction and world exploration to create a unique experience to the player with every playthrough.

The game is a continuous work in progress, and future releases will happen episodically.

The current version of the game is a proof of concept, so expect drastic changes to the next patch. Public updates will happen in chapters, and now that I will be taking the project more seriously there is going to be a greater addition of features and a story rewrite to better define the characters.

CONTENT WARNING: Pornographic content, fantasy and medieval violence, blood, death, explicit language and alcohol use. Rated Adult 18+.

SAVE WARNING: Make sure to use the built-in “Save to Disk” feature to not lose progress inside the game in case you clean your browser’s cache/history.

Future Content (Will be available in the 1st Chapter):

Explore the unique regions of Procyon (currently 1 region is available) within a unique fantasy universe with different cultures and kingdoms to explore.

From the frozen lands at the north, down to the arid and almost inhospitable deserts in the south, the continent is a place where magic is fairly common. The wars that have been struck between the deities in the sky is what fuels this power over the material world, where their essence brought conscience to all living beings.

Currently 1 volume is available. We will be focusing on in one campaign at a time, and each one of them will introduce more lore and regions to explore.

Set centuries after the Golden Age, where the reincarnated souls could boast on the plentiful land blessed by Aliyah, you play as Allen. An adventuring raccoon who lives in the outskirts of Whitefang.

Experiencing the first signs for the fall of the realm as a whole, Allen must now face a new entity lurking in his same plane of existence that endangers all Procyonites as a whole.

Disclaimer: The current version available is a demo and a WIP. There will be a story rewrite to better define the characters and the setting, so expect drastic changes in the near future. A new update will be available when the 1st chapter is finished.

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