Thy Safety Be Not Guaranteed

A Fat Himbo Knight Dating Sim

Game Description

So… funny story, when I first heard what the prompt was for the Lo-Cal Gain Jam, I originally decided to try to make a Management Sim in Twine where you hire adventurers, fatten them up to get stronger and send them out on quests for profit. I figured my game was getting complicated so I decided to create a Tutorial character to explain how everything worked.

At first things were going well, but after running into a shitload of bugs and some problems at home, my ADHD brain decided it didn’t like coding a management sim anymore and wanted to write more and more interactions between the player and the Tutorial character until eventually there was more code dedicated to the tutorial than the actual game.

Anyways, here is my submission for the Lo-Cal Gain Jam, Thy Safety Be Not Guaranteed: An Adventurer Management Fat Himbo Knight Dating Sim


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