The Witch Run

A game where a woman accused of witchcraft attempts to escape the tortures of the inquisition.

Game Description

It is a text game about woman accused of witchery that tries to avoid tortures of inquisition.

Help Ola to make best choices, endure the severe treatment of the holy inquisition and escape from a dungeon. Help her survive tortures, escape her cell and explore the dungeon to find a way to return to her family.

This is the proof-of-concept version, encompassing basic functionalities. You can engage in a game from beginning to the end of the first planned chapter. However, there are certain repetitive texts that I intend to enhance in the near future to enhance replayability. 

The MVP version I am striving for will feature a multitude of events (currently only one), a wider range of descriptions, and improved mathematical calculations. 

In the NTH version, I contemplate incorporating abundant content, a map, and potentially some graphics. Nevertheless, the inclusion of graphics may significantly impede the development of new content.


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