The Thirteen Heroes of Isidoro

Find heroes (and maybe love) to defeat the evil ruler in this transformation lgbtq+ CYOA

Game Description

An adult lgbtq+ (mostly gay) CYOA game in which you are transported to a place filled with magical and furry creatures! Save the land by finding heroes in the hopes that they will help you defeat the evil ruler! Certain choices will result in your transformation!

The protagonist is male. Most of the characters in the game are men and most of the sex scenes are M/M. There are a few M/F scenes in the third chapter. Undesired sexual content can be avoided by not selecting a choice with characters of the undesired sex.

Some terminology used in the game:
Dwarf = smaller non-magical anthropomorphic animal
Giant = larger non-magical anthropomorphic animal
If a character is not described as a dwarf or giant, then the creature likely has some magical ability.

The game currently has two or three chapters depending on the choices you make in the game. The game starts at the first chapter.

This is Chapter 2 Version 1.01 (which contains chapter 3 scenes for a couple pathways) of The Thirteen Heroes of Isidoro. You can find more games on my Patreon and discord accounts with the specific links listed on the first page of the actual game. If you would like to support me, then become a patron at and you will receive access to early content of my games before they’re posted anywhere else. If you would like for The Thirteen Heroes of Isidoro to be updated with more content, then become a polling patron and vote for The Thirteen Heroes of Isidoro to receive updates.


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