The queer night of Miro

Game Description

Just click and iterate with only left mouse button

Berlin, 1931, inspired by the real life facts of Swiss writer and photographer Annemarie Schwarzenbach (Zurichch, May 23 1908 – Sils Im Engadin, November 15 1942), openly lesbian, world traveller, reporter, drug addict, anti Nazi activist, also known as Miro, this game is an ironical short adventure game (classic point and click style) set in one of the most famous queer café in Berlin just before the catastrophic ascent of the Nazism. 

Help Miro cheering up the bar customers and being forgiven by her lover, the Baroness, who retains the apartment key, meet some great historical and fantasy characters of the 30’s queer Berlin such as doctor Magnus Hirschfeld.

Hot scenes and backgrounds, sailors, perverts, gay fellas, beautiful women… Come and join us in The Queer Night Of Miro!

Annemarie Schwarzenbach

Magnus Hirschfeld


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