The Little Black Bestiary: My Sweet Margarita (Mini Episode)

A short-but-sweet erotic digital picture book about dating a short-but-sweet hummingbird harpy.

Game Description

Just a short-but-sweet story about a human man whom starts dating a short-but-sweet hummingbird harpy.

This is a little bit of an experimental release, and not one I’d really call a “game.” It’s pretty much a picture book. But it’s in an interactive HTML5 format with music and sound effects rather than just a PDF document or the like so it should hopefully be a more engaging experience than just reading through the story as a document.

This was just a little something I whipped up to help with the content drought since our last release; I specifically set out to make the shortest, simplest thing I could still call a ‘complete’ experience. If people enjoy it and want to see more of these we could make them fairly regularly to give people some more content in between the bigger game releases we’re working on. So let us know what you think in the comments/reviews!


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