The Gods’ Game

A text rpg about gay men, hypnosis, and mind control

Game Description

*Disclaimer- this game is full of erotic and sexual situations, please be of legal age before downloading.

Hi, everyone.  This is a game primarily focused on erotic hypnosis and mind control and the men who love it, specifically gay men.   The game is focused on exploring these themes in different contexts and genres.  Currently there are 5 “levels” to explore and reexplore, your decisions can change the outcomes of different events and can provide new context .  In addition, going through all the levels and collecting items can unlock some new content in each other area.  Basically, I highly recommend replaying levels you already beat.  Also, keep your eye out for hidden messages throughout the game.

This is my first project so if you have any thoughts or notice any bugs, please feel free to comment.  Thank you and enjoy!


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