The elder ring of baldurs souls: The personal computer roleplaying game!

A joke/bad game I made with rpgmaker, first time doing it too!

Game Description

This game is a great adventure exploring a fantasy world full of adventures, charismatic characters, mysteries and a complex lore that will intrigue you! Explore and lose yourself in this wonderful fantasy world and save it from evil or maybe join that evil.  There’s 9 endings for you to get!

Reid is a young adventurer. Because of his courage, he was chosen to risk his life and save the world!

Michelle is an intelligent girl who travels the world trying to increase her knowledge and combat skills.

Gale is a young man who wants to become a legendary warrior known to everyone for his heroic deeds!

Priscilla is a young woman who has fun committing pranks, even if some are a bit extreme, like pulling someone off a cliff. She says she wants to dominate the world.


Now seriously, this is the first game I’ve made with RPG Maker and I made it without the slightest intention of it being good. I just wanted to do something because I was bored. Well, it’s bad but I hope you like it!



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