The Dragon’s Assassin(Early Build) – An erotic text based game

A gay adult text based game where choices matter.

Game Description

Unfortunately, I have decided to put this game on indefinite Hiatus.
My efforts have moved toward developing a VN! Check For Skin & Scale out here!

For Skin & Scale by KoboldCard

WARNING: This is NSFW, 18 and up only!!!

Short Description:

In The Dragon’s Assassin you take the role of a century-old elven soldier tasked with ending the life of an enemy nation’s knight. What’s more curious is that your Captain, the one issuing you this mission, seems to have a rather complicated past with this individual. Unfortunately, he’ll prove to be quite the formidable foe among… many other things. Maybe you’ll find friendship, maybe you’ll find stifles, or maybe you’ll find pleasures… who will experience these things remains to be seen!


Current Version | tDA-0.6-prototype

Hey! Thanks for checking out my first game! Please leave feedback and, if you’re kind enough, let me know about any typos and grammar mistakes!

Current Word Count: 20,746.

We now have a discord server (click here!)

Other content/planned content information:

My update schedule is as follows:
No idea! I’ll work on this when I can, and you can give me a little extra motivation by leaving feedback!

Why might the development be slow?
I am working on this in my free time as a passion project more than anything. Also sometimes I’m just slow :[

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