The Defiant

Erotic/porn, text-based game focused on humiliation and abuse fantasies

Game Description


[There was another content warning here urging people who aren’t into noncon to not play this game. BUT some lovely people from Strawberry Jam who aren’t into noncon porn told me that they found the game interesting despite the content; it is fairly well-written, if I say so myself and has cool mechanics imo. So if you’re curious, go ahead and play this, but above all – be safe and be good for yourself.  Mind the warnings, read the description, and decide if you want to interact.]

I couldn’t find a game that would scratch my (very kinky) itch, so I wrote one.

Frankly, I am in shock. It’s 15k words, heavily coded for interactive porn fiction (there are functions involved!), and took me less than a week. In my second language.

I’m not bragging, I just never wrote porn before and I am overwhelmed with the way it played out.

This is to say, this game is a labor of love. It’s also a terrifying, joyful (I mean, the process was joyful for me; the game’s content isn’t joyful), curious exploration of very dark stuff. As you can probably guess I wasn’t always ok with things that make me horny, and this here is also an act of liberation for me.

So, if you play this, have fun and be gentle? Unlike this story?

Because the story is FUCKED UP.


You live in a dystopian world where women are property. It is ruled by the Judges – enhanced, powerful men, who can detect lies and make unbreakable vows. You managed to keep your freedom (which makes you a fugitive) and to get money, you steal.

You want to leave this place and live somewhere where people will see you as a person, not a fucktoy. To do this, you try to break into a Judge’s mansion.

You get caught and a long, humiliating session of punishment ensues.

(this is very much “no plot, just smut” game)


This is the first chapter of a story and it’s 16,5k words; I’d say you read 2-4k per playthrough, depending on your choices. Inky tells me there are 246 choices in this game; some of them are just page breakers, but I think you still get well over 100.

This is mostly finished.  It has all the scenes, and all the scenes have everything I wanted them to have, I think.

There may be some minor inconsistencies (the protagonist standing instead of kneeling for example), occasional typos and weird word choices (English is my second language and while I’m quite fluent, words get lost when you’re in the heat of writiting smut). Also, sometimes the text isn’t colored when it should be. All of these are minors and it seems that for now the game works pretty well – although I haven’t been able to test all variations, so if you encounter something weird, tell me!

I have a pretty much fleshed-out idea for three more chapters and I will probably write at least one of them because this game does it for me.

As far as the smut goes, there is:


The game focuses on the experience of the captured woman: how she reacts to things done to her, when she decides to defy her captors, and how she feels (bad. she feels bad.).

If you enjoy humiliation and bondage fantasies, this game is probably for you. Write a comment if you play it, it will make me happy.

I shouldn’t need to say this, but the things that happen in this game are awful and shouldn’t happen in real life. They belong only in dark fantasies.

Cover art was made by me in GIMP with a use of photo shared on CC0 licence.


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