The Book of Nude

Virtual, adult choose your own adventure book.

Game Description

The Book of Nude

The Book of Nude is an illustrated, virtual choose-your-own-adventure game-book for adults. Playable in your browser (also available as a offline download).

Story Synopsis

Due to lazy writing and a speeding truck, Our Heroine finds herself transported, isekai style, into a fantasy-rpg world.

Armed with just her wits and plus size boobies, she needs to face orcs, dragons, tentacle monsters and a slew of horny NPC.

Luckily, thanks to some haphazard attributes min-maxing, she very well might be the most overpowered character in existence… even if she can’t use any items (like clothes).


This is an Adult Game for Adult People! It contains Adult Content (including, but not limited to: foul language, nudity, sex, illegible fonts, obscure reference). If You are not an Adult – Go away!


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