The Bitch Squad

The Bitches are back!

Game Description

The current game is free for Episodes 1-5. Episode 5 (v0.4.6) is available and v0.4.7+ is available for early access with a membership key.  A key can be purchased here on by clicking ‘Download Now’. EP5 will conclude with the January release.

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You have just graduated high school after a very difficult Senior year. Your life was made a living hell for the last year because of a group of popular rich girls who seemingly ran the school and persecuted those who didn’t worship them. After getting into a local university, you think that you are finally free and are looking to start a new life.

But you are shocked to find that members of this same girl’s group have started attending your new school as well.

Why is a mystery, but it doesn’t take long to realize that they are positioning themselves in the same way as in high school. Unable to transfer and unwilling to live through the suffering again, you and your friends attempt to stop them this time and prevent their rise to power, if you can.


Kate is a high achieving freshman entering college. She was previously high school class President and Homecoming Queen. Because she is the much-adored leader of her group of friends, her opinion is key and she is very controlling of her reputation.

Her motives seem pure to those around her, but they are unclear to everyone else. She is 100% focused and it seems that she is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her friends protected and their influence unchallenged.

Emma is a fiery red head who is not afraid to push the limits. She is seen as the “right-hand” of Kate and does her part to enforce uniformity among the girls. She is highly intelligent and often unconcerned with the feelings of others. She will do whatever she must to achieve her goals and help her friends.

Charlotte is an accomplished student and athlete, as well as a stunning beauty. She always seems to excel at whatever she tries. Her focus and drive is to not only be the best, but to tear down any competition. Everything she has is due to her earning it, but it comes with a massive chip on her shoulder. She can be cruel and hostile to anyone who she sees as “beneath” her.

Annie is the former stepsister of the MC. She fell in with the group of girls over her senior year of high school. She is sensitive and caring, but very protective of those she loves. Her relationship with the MC is fractured and sometimes antagonistic. She has so far chosen her group of friends over any other relationship.

Sarah is an innocent and naive young lady who focuses mostly on academics. Despite growing up wealthy and being part of the most popular friend circle in school, she has led a relatively sheltered life. She has a deep connection with her friends, especially Kate. She doesn’t like confrontation and is hesitant to try new things, even if she secretly wants to.

Ashley is a nice girl from small town Montana entering her first year of college. She is very friendly and outgoing and always willing to try something new. Her sweet personality makes her friends quickly, but does her small-town experience prepare her for a big university life?

Amber is a nice, but somewhat broken girl. She attended the same high school as the MC but didn’t have many friends. She was intensely bullied by Charlotte during high school and has had difficulty coping with her trauma. She wants to reclaim the fun-loving person that she was before Charlotte but is afraid of stepping back out into an unsheltered world.

Linda is Ashley’s new roommate at Montecita University. She is a music major and is a highly skilled performer. Her has both vocal and instrumental talent. She is always willing to try something new and pushing the limits, but she is more of a tease than an exhibitionist.


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