That Lonesome Valley

short gay romance / sheepherding game inspired by Brokeback Mountain

Game Description

That Lonesome Valley is a short retro-style gay romance game / visual novel about walking, sheepherding, and kissing.

by Robert Yang (

⚠️CONTENT WARNING: This game contains (pixel art cartoon) nudity and some gay sex sequences. ⚠️

Jose and Bud are two young men alone in the Wyoming wilderness. What’s gonna happen between them? Are they gonna fight? Are they gonna… kiss? Well now, I reckon that’s all up to you, cowboy.

>> For behind-the-scenes info about what happens in the game and why, read my artist statement “That Lonesome Valley as cowboy coin crusher”

>> Video: Gameplay video (no commentary), first 10 minutes on YouTube.

Originally prototyped in 1.5 weeks for #GayWesternJam back in 2019, but now actually finished and released in December 2022.



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