Tentacle Night Market

Use your tentacles on night party girls

Game Description

This game contains mature and sensitive content.

Tentacle Beach Party: Night Market is an expansion of Tentacle Beach Party, but with more varieties of beautiful babes in attractive dresses and sexy bikinis to fully immerse your beach resort fantasies.

The story’s premise, on the other hand, continues with a more immersive and exciting plot. Following the love story of the Tentacle Prince Kaireus and Detective Jean.

To further advance and make your way to the ending, you must capture the required targets and fulfill your bottle with tons of lewd juices while avoiding detection.

There are only two types of girls you have to catch each stage; you can’t move on to the next level unless your bottle is full of lewd juices. Make sure you capture the correct targets or you may lose portion of your progress upon catching another girl.

Press < > A D keys to move to the next left or right barrel.

Use SPACEBAR to capture a female when they’re in front of the barrel.

Press ENTER to view what’s happening inside the barrel 

 Press the R key to open the skill menu and choose a skill for your barrels and utilize it to your benefit.

Ensure that no one witnesses you catching your target, or else the other girls will be surprised and you will lose customers at your beach resort.

All characters are fictional and 18+ years old.
Our game doesn’t include any illegal or forbidden content according to Itch.io’s terms of service.

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