Tarragh’s Quest (Demo Version)

An Epic Orc filled Interactive Erotic Adventure!

Game Description

Available to download on Windows /Android 


Give it a few seconds to load in please!

This is a work-in-progress title, please excuse any unfinished elements 

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Tarragh’s Quest now has a Patreon to try and help with solo development costs, with more information of the development inside, any help would be appreciated.

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Tarragh’s Quest is an erotic choose-your-own adventure Fantasy! 

It follows the story of Tarragh Orgash, a beautiful and strong Orc Cheiftan hunting down a mysterious witch who cast a spell over her homeland of Wrathmor, ravishing the population and leaving her with a thick juicy secret…

The kingdom of Wrathmor is filled with stunning creatures, thick monster girls, regal Elf babes, horny slime girls, Lusty Vampire brides and everything in between. They’re here to stop Tarragh from reaching the menacing Witch that cast a spell on all of them, her options….fight or fuck!

Created in Tyranobuilder & written and drawn entirely by a solo dev, Tarragh’s Quest is an epic fantasy journey with many twists and turns that will leave you sweating and wanting more!

Similar to the classic ‘choose your own adventure’ games, Tarragh’s Quest features multiple choice sex scenes and branching decisions that may change the outcome of this adventure. This tale will leave you aching for more if monster girls, high fantasy and slick thighs are your thing.

Tarragh’s Quest Features

The game is currently in part-time development, made entirely by myself in TyranoBuilder. As a first time solo dev this project is a big undertaking for me, but I think that it’s a project worth pouring the effort into. 

Hopefully you do too!

This version of the game is an Alpha showcase so you can get an idea of how the game will play so please forgive it unfinishedness.


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