Taking the Tower

Traverse the dungeon to level up your butt

Game Description

This game is suitable for adults only!

Check out the tie-in comic, Erin & Shelly’s No-Nut November!

It’s Shelly and Erin’s anniversary next month, and Erin wants to make it one that Shelly will never forget. And what better anniversary surprise than an invitation to try some butt stuff?

Only … Shelly’s more than a little too big for Erin to take, and Erin’s going to need to learn to stretch. So while Shelly’s out of town, Erin’s exploring the ancient tower on the edge of town. According to the magical talking butt plug she’s wearing, the tower holds the secret to extreme insertion. What could possibly go wrong?

Taking the Tower is a NSFW roguelite dungeon crawler created for Strawberry Jam 5. Explore a randomly generated tower, fight monsters, find keys, and collect gold. Go back to town, improve your equipment, and do it all again. Take advantage of the stimulation from your butt plug to unleash a powerful Climax Attack. But don’t try to hold back too long, or you’ll have an uncontrolled orgasm.

The current build has:

This game contains scenes of explicit sex and is not suitable for anyone under 18 years of age.

Unfortunately the game does not currently work in mobile browsers. You can tap through dialogue, but it doesn’t detect input on the insertion scenes, so you can’t proceed past the intro.

Development status:

I plan to come back to this project in the future. Godot 3.5 made some major changes to how the built-in pathfinding works, and I haven’t determined how much work it would be to fix the game for compatibility with the new version. Maybe after Godot 4 comes out I’ll do a major overhaul.


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