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Game Description


TABOO University is an exciting and immersive adult visual novel set in a university where three girls mysteriously went missing. Set before the events of the popular game Fetish Locator, this narrative-driven experience allows players to shape their own journey by engaging in a wide range of conversations with a diverse cast of characters, including the most beautiful and unique girls in the city.

With each decision you make, the story evolves, presenting you with a multitude of paths to explore. Your choices can have far-reaching consequences, determining the outcome of significant events and forging new adventures based on your every single choice. Immerse yourself in this captivating world where your decisions hold the key to unlocking various storylines and character interactions, ensuring a truly unique and personalized gaming experience.


As a talented young detective, you enrolled as a freshman at the renowned ViNovella University! Beneath its polished facade, a shadowy undercurrent of secrets, scandals, and mysteries lurks, shaping the lives of its faculty and student body.
As you delve deeper into this new university life, you must balance academic pursuits and your mission to figure out what happened to those girls.


As the lead detective on the case, you’re in charge. You decide who will you investigate, engage in conversations, and figure out how to proceed with your case. Secret societies, cults, and many bizarre individuals inhabit this town.
Decide when it’s best to use your deduction skills and when to use charisma and seduction to achieve your goals with specific characters. Just remember, your actions carry consequences.


As you explore the vibrant campus grounds, you will encounter a diverse cast of intriguing characters and tons of hot girls. These girls have distinct backstories, complex personalities, and engaging storylines.
This is college, so expect a lot of college parties, drama, competitions, and absurd amounts of kinky sex scenes. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find true love in this place full of intrigue and mystery.


TABOO University  brings new levels of the tasty sexual content that any young detective carves for in adult visual novels! Enjoy more spicy animations than ever, filled with more descriptions and foreplay, giving you more realism and organic relationships.
Be careful, as you enjoy the pleasure of your new life, you may forget about your mission because with girls like these all around you, who wants to work?


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