Summer Prefercation [DEMO]

Spending two weeks with your ‘roommate’ – What could possibly go wrong?

Game Description

Dear beloved players,

It is with regret that I announce that all work on Summer Prefercation has been stopped due to adoption of Faith.


Summer Prefercation is a text-based interactive fiction.

Note: This version is a demo containing the 7 days of the Prankster route.

Disclaimer: All characters are over the ages of 18.

After graduating from university, you visit your family for two weeks before starting your new job overseas. You hope to relax in those two weeks, however, learn that your **cough** ‘roommate’ **cough** is also staying at your family home. Two whole weeks with your ‘roommate’ who you haven’t seen for four years?! What possible events and antics could unfold?


Summer Prefercation = Summer-Preference-Vacation

This interactive fiction contains multiple story routes. A choice is presented early in-game to decide what type of ‘roommate’ you prefer. Once you have selected your preference, the story will proceed in a linear manner with no further choices.

Note: Only the prankster route is available in the demo.

Any kind and supportive comments are greatly appreciated.


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