Succubus Survivors v0.0.7

Vampire Survivors but lewd! 😉

Game Description

This version is outdated! Check out the newest version at!

Hi all! 

Welcome to my 7th ever version of my game Succubus Survivors!

In this update I have added another whole new level, “The Twin Peaks.” This is a wintery, holiday themed level with 3 new enemies(the Yeti, the Reindeer, and the Ice Familiar) each with their own unique animation. Ari has ventured through the Cursed Cave and has found that it spits out on the side of a snow-capped mountain. She must venture through the mountainside to reach the Desecrated Sands beyond.

Along with this new level I have added several quality of life features and gameplay changes! First and foremost, I have reworked the chest spawning system; and, have added a brand new reward that can spawn from chests. Apparently, this whole time, chests were bugged. They were meant to keep respawning throughout the level, but would actually only spawn once. Because of this, many of you probably had no idea chests even existed. This issue has been fixed. Chests will now spawn every 30 seconds and in them you can either receive a large coin pile(10Gold + timer bonus), or a large XP boon(1000xp). So keep an eye out!

Secondly, I have listened to player feedback and have reworked the enemy collision system! Enemies will now trample over bushes, climb over rocks, mount over benches and logs, and most importantly, enemies will never get stuck on one another. Essentially, enemies can travel through each other and travel through most obstacles! No longer can a player sit still behind a log and be invulnerable! This of course will make the game more challenging and so I have slightly increased the XP reward for defeating the tiny and fast creatures(Goblin, Pumpkin, Slime, and Ice Familiar). Hopefully this will make the gameplay more challenging, while also making it more fair and fun!

Lastly, I have removed the boots item and the movement speed upgrade from the game. Moving while healing was not working as intended and ultimately it makes more sense to keep the player at a consistent speed through all levels so that I can design AOE attacks, enemy projectiles, and environmental events in the future. Having the player movement speed scale to a ridiculous amount was never going to bode well in the end, but it was still an idea I wanted to play with.

There have been several small changes throughout this last month that I may have forgot to mention. The enemy HP and movement speed has been slightly changed. Movement speed has been scaled back slightly for the fast critters, while it has been slightly buffed for the slow enemies. The enemy HP is now a consistent linear increase from level 1 to level 4. Enemy damage, has been changed to be a consistent linear increase from beginning to end. And lastly, The armor upgrade in the shop has been changed from a cheap 10% amor increase, to an expensive 1 whole amor increase. This change makes the upgrade feel more valuable and makes it so the player doesn’t have to click so many times 🙂 Lastly, I have reduced the amount of stun and knockback in the game. Each weapon has been reduced to have only one stun upgrade and one knockback upgrade, forcing players to have to get new weapons in order to get more crowd control.

As always thank you guys so much for playing! I appreciate all of your feedback and I am taking it all into account for future planned content updates! This update is coming a week late as I unfortunately got sick this past month :/. Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy this new level and these new changes!

Thank you for your continued support! If you enjoy the project and want to support it, feel free to check me out on Patreon at There you will get the patron exclusive version of the game which features cheats, allowing players to bypass the grind and play whatever level they want!

P.S. A percentage of my art is AI generated. It is currently placeholder art. I plan to replace all of it with real and commissioned art on full release. AI art makes it easier for me to focus on gameplay and bug feedback in the development process, while giving players better art to look forward to in future builds. All in-game sex animations are made by me, frame by frame.


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