Subdue Town

Game Description

Greetings Gamers, warm welcome to our Itchio page! We are two young developers from Croatia, we specialize in creating adult games.

We are currently developing one adult game which updates we will post on our social media platforms.

Currently, we are a very small team that works on these types of games but in the future, we hope to expand and invite more people to join us.

We will have constant updates on our social platforms and we will try to respond to all the messages you guys send us.

In this starting faze every help from you guys is getting us closer to our goal.

Right now as things are we currently don’t have any income from our games so we have to search for funds elsewhere, but we hope that will change soon as any donation means a lot to us.

Our main goal at first is to earn some income from our games as this will motivate us to work on more projects and update our current games more.

About Our First Game Right now we want to publish our first adult game our first game is the novel adult game.

We want to create an adult game with a huge story and a lot of different characters.

We want to be different from other developers so we want to allow you as the gamers to make your own story through our game.

If you enjoy our games feel free to support us.



In this game, you can choose between four different characters, playboy, gym rat, nerd, and simp. Each character has its own story and the way this character is meant to be played.  Each character has its own stats that are related to that character.

 Depending on which character you choose some of them will be easier to play than other. The reason for that is the character stats some characters have better stats than others.

 Every character stat can be upgraded during the game. The way you upgrade your stat is by finishing tasks that you are presented with. In the game, you can’t just go back when you make a decision, once you select something you will have to stick by it through the rest of the game.

The task you will be given in the game is to have sex with a certain character in the game but be careful as each character has its own challenges you will have to conquer to be able to sleep with them. Also, remember that once you do something in the game there is no turning back so be careful what you do.

 The game right now is in the early phase of development so the players can only get a glimpse of what we are trying to accomplish here. Some of the game features are not implemented yet as we are currently working to implement them.

 Depending on how the game would be successful, we would spend more time working on it which means more updates and more content.

 Right now the game contains only some vanilla sex scenes but we are going to add more fetishes depending on what you guys want in the game.



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