Starwatch Academy

[18+] First contact with extraterrestrial life changed humankind in many ways. What will you become at the academy?

Game Description

Welcome to the academy, cadet!

Starwatch is a suite of erotic games developed by Jaded Dreams. They are set in a distant future where humankind has begun space colonization and experienced initial contact with other races and entities. These events lead to the foundation of the Starwatch, a space-faring elite division of the Alliance navy with its dedicated academy for promising recruits.

The first entry of the series, Starwatch Academy, is in active development.

The game is primarily played as a traditional point and click adventure, featuring character reputation, inventory, wardrobe, karma, time advancement, random events and a large set of optional kinks.

In Starwatch, you will take control of a character’s life, leading them in the direction you find most interesting. Which content you experience is heavily controlled by your choices as the universe and its characters will react to your choices and overall attitude.

You can start the game as either male or female. While you may choose to perform a complete transformation towards the opposite gender, with the right choices you can also stay anywhere on the spectrum and live your life as a transgender, androgynous or feminized student.

The game is planned to feature the following kinks:


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