Stand Up or Shut Up!

Kill Them! Slay Them! Knock them DEAD!

Game Description

Take to the stage in this open mic simulator! Bomb hard in the local comedy club, and avoid rowdy audience members as they chuck bottles at you in an effort to get you off the stage! Create your own stand up comic and make it through your set without getting thrown off stage!

– Supports keyboard and gamepad!
– Create your OWN stand up comic!
– Tell jokes while avoiding projectiles from the crowd!
– Go one-on-one with hecklers who dare step into YOUR line of fire!
– Build up a powerful “DUCKING” ability by racking up dodge-combos!


Dodge left/right — LEFT KEY AND RIGHT KEY ( Or Left Stick on GAMEPAD )
Duck Down — DOWN KEY ( Or DOWN on Left Stick for GAMEPAD ) 

NOTE: Ducking down requires ability built up through DODGING PROJECTILES.

Also many people experience crashes with the embedded version, usually breaks after the tire joke, so try downloading it from the files below!


Check out my game release: DINO GOLF!


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