Sophies Desires Part 2: Another Sexual Experiment

Another Sexual Experiment with Sophie

Game Description

 Sophie visits Camille to let her know about an art exhibition, when suddenly she takes off her clothes. Sophie then invites Camille to explore her body. She starts by caressing her tits then moves on to finger her delicate clit. Then it’s Camille’s turn to be taken care of by Sophie, she also fingers her pussy. Later that day, back at home, Sophie asks her husband to fuck her, he hops on top of her and fucks her hard.

Part 1

Instruction: Each time the cursor is available, you have to carry out an action by using four controls. The simple click, where you find a hotspot, and click on it. The double click, where you find a hot spot and click on it but when you release the cursor is still visible and you need to find a second hot spot. The click and move, where you find a hot spot and click on it, and then without releasing the button, you move in the direction where the action must occur. The last, the come and go, where it works like the click and move but the movement must be coming and going.  


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