Some Sword / Some Play

The Amorous Adventures of a Duelist in High Society.

Game Description

You are a professional duelist, bound to the service of your noble patron, the eccentric Marquessa. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.

You’ll meet:

This is a NSFW piece of Interactive Fiction. I mean it. Please don’t play if you don’t like smutty things. It contains graphic descriptions of erotic adventures (as well as regular descriptions of non-erotic adventures). Please read the Content Warnings before proceeding.

(On the initial play, I suggest you pick How To Play” or Begin Game” from the main menu. The “scene select” will let you jump to specific scenes, but won’t make much sense on the first playthrough.)

This interactive fiction contains:

It does not contain:

It is not intended as a depiction of SSC/RACK sex.

The “How To Play” option will take you through a short tutorial, but for reference:

Simply click on the option you like best when prompted. 

For the most part these options are things your character will say or do.

However, if an option is wrapped in pluses (as below) it is asking you, the player, to make a decision about the truth of the game universe.

For example, you will be asked to choose the pronouns and sexual characteristics of you potential partners. This is not (obviously) the protagonist’s choice, but rather the player’s authorial decision. (All three main romances are playable as any combination of M/F/NB with any configuration of naughty bits.)

The other symbol to be aware of are options wrapped in minus signs; these indicate exits from the current scene, and can be used to avoid sexual scenes that you’re not interested in.

Doing so will not block you from completing the game.

A few more tags and symbols to be aware of:

There are some light puzzle elements, but failing to complete them successfully will not gate off major content, nor prevent completion of the game. This is intended to be a chill and hopefully stimulating experience, not the Dark Souls of getting off.

Note there is no Save facility: a playthrough will take 20-30 minutes, so allow yourself time. (It can be left open in a tab, of course, just don’t close it.)


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