Slutworld (text adventure)

An erotic text adventure in a freeuse world

Game Description

Slutworld (is | will be) an interactive fiction adventure for the Z Machine.

Here’s a map, though it is subject to change.

The game is still pretty early dev. There are several “rooms” and a few important sluts and a host of generic sluts now.
The auto-generated random sluts are there to give the game a bit more
of a sense of being full of people. Lots of typos and bugs exist that I’ll need to
fix. Feel free to try out what there is here. Compiled into zcode (and ulx) using inform 6.

Look up this handy reference for general commands (there’s a reference in game now as well).

Also, this link is a great little tutorial game for those who have never played a text adventure before, or for those who’ve been away from text adventures for a while.

Slutworld is a text adventure written by Broken Arrow.
You should check out Kinky College.

——- contains a DOS exe version, z5 and ulx versions, PDB files for use in pilot-frotz or frobnitz on old Palm devices, Apple II diskette images, and a diskette image for Commodore 64. Now also includes a version for Acorn and BBC Micro machines thanks to Ozmoo For Acorn.

Read the readme.txt file. Remember, this is an incomplete version of the program ( a work-in-progress). Check back often for updates.


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