Shake, Succ, Grimace

A purple sasquatch has been spotted in the mountains.

Game Description

[Warning: NSFW and flashing lights.]

June 12 20XX. Your birthday.

You’ve always had an affinity for the paranormal: aliens, sasquatch, duendes, touhous, tulpas… You name it, you believe it. What’s more? The most unusual events in your life always seem to happen on your birthday. Today is your lucky day.

Rumors of a furry, purple cryptid wandering the mountains near your home shake the world media. As always, waves of disbelief from the closed-minded sheeple makes you grimace. Fake sighting videos litter the front page of YouTube. This sucks!

You are absolutely certain that this purple creature is a sasquatch. With 15% battery life left on your potato, you set out to prove once and for all that the sasquatch is real.

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