Sex Toy for MILFs

An adult visual novel about a foreigner turned sex toy for depraved MILFs.

Game Description

Sex Toy for MILFs is an adult visual novel that puts you in the role of a foreigner who fled his country due to a difficult situation. You specifically communicated with a desperate MILF because you were sure that she would help you settle into a new place.

But as soon as you were in a foreign country, this woman showed her true nature. She is not as stupid and naive as you hoped. You have no way to use her. On the contrary, this woman does whatever she wants with you. You are completely under her control.

In our adult visual novel, you will meet the following characters:

is a chubby MILF who has been kind enough to you. She helped you escape from your country. At first you thought that Lisa did it out of love, because at times she sounded like a desperate woman. But the more you communicate with Lisa, the more obvious it becomes that she is not an angel.

is a MILF who enjoys being rude with men. Most likely, sex does not cause her great delight. Pamela likes to feel power over men. This is probably how she tries to raise her low self-esteem.

Britney is a MILF who loves to talk about dicks. Her favorite topic of conversation is her sexual adventures. Britney jokingly calls herself a blowjob queen. But it seems to you that all these stories about blowbang in her student days are fictional.

is a black MILF who is crazy about pussy eating. Most likely, she doesn’t like the stimulation of her genitals with a man’s mouth, but the fact that some white man is on his knees and licks her pussy.

Roxy is a skinny MILF who doesn’t try to take advantage of you. She is too good for this messed up world. Or does Roxy just pretend to be such a wonderful person? Perhaps, deep down, she is more vicious than all the women you know.

And although Lisa is your girlfriend, claiming to be a mistress, from time to time you will have the opportunity to make a choice in order to communicate with other women. So you can influence the plot of our visual novel.

As we plan to update Sex Toy for MILFs regularly, there may be new characters, themes, kinks and fetishes here in the future. At the moment, this game may appeal to those people who prefer the following things:


– Mature

– Big Tits

– Big Ass

– BBW (Curvy, Chubby, Fat Girls)

– Oral Sex (Blowjob, Pussy Licking, Ass Licking, Face Sitting)

– Female Domination

– Humiliation

– Masturbation

– Vaginal Sex

– Rough Sex

– Public Sex

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