Scramble Hunt: Halloween Edition

Word scramble meets adventure gaming, Halloween Edition

Game Description

A hybrid between word scrambles, adventure games and cinematic platforming where you explore a library  collecting letters. When you collect enough letters, you can unscramble them to reveal words and unlock nice images. Along the way, you’ll need to collect some other items and solve some puzzles to get through the library.


* Unlock downloadable content when you unscramble words

* Sequence breakable

* Notes system lets you take notes and use them to solve puzzles

* In-game hints system

* Gamepad support

* Halloween themed

Made for BaraJam 2021. Contains NSFW content. Please note this game works best on browsers that support threads. If in doubt, just use the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome.

EDIT: Due to lack of support for certain required CORS headers from, we have had to disable the threads support. Unfortunately, this can lead to some issues with audio latency on some browsers (from my testing, it seems to mostly happen on Firefox, but other Godot developers have reported the opposite ). Your mileage may vary. If you encounter audio issues, try the binary builds instead.

I’ll consider enabling the threading once supports the necessary CORS headers.

Some occasional bug fixes will be added so check back every now and then.


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