Santa’s Sweatshop

A Christmas-themed bondage escape game

Game Description

In Santa’s Sweatshop you play as a young man who is visited by one of Santa’s elves and transported to Santa’s Workshop. It would be any young person’s dream come true, apart from the forced labour, sexual servitude and punishing restraints, I suppose. There are 13 endings to find. 


Content warnings are in game. The game is an interactive fiction game which should take you about 30 minutes on a first playthrough. This version is a Twine port of the original interactive story at

Walkthrough and changelogs are available in-game or from my website:

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Merry Christmas!

Recent updates: 
v1.1.0: Added 3 new elf images. Added 1 image to endings 1-5. Fixed issue with 100% arousal scene and Shinny punishment order. Removed arousal reduction when masturbating at 100% corruption. Fixed player character’s age at 18. Refactored NPC image display to use a widget.
v1.0.3: Replaced Sugarplum image due to AI artifacts. Images should scale better on small screens. Three more elf NPC images. Fixed Kristan punishment scene error due to bad if tag.
v1.0.2: Hotfix player avatar image in Introduction sequence.
v1.0.1: Hotfix for player avatar images not working. 


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