Sanguine Dream

A lewd, text-based adventure RPG

Game Description

Welcome to the Kingdom of Somnium!

You begin your adventure as Phim, a cute bunny prince with a submissive streak, seeking to uncover the mystery surrounding his terrible recurring nightmares.

Game Features include:
1.  M x M content that will include a number of kinks, though focusing primarily on Dominance and Submission.
2. A turn-based battle system, which allows Phim to level up and learn new abillities or spells, giving him the choice to fight using brawn, magic, or lust.
3. Personal side stories and romantic subplots involving some of the NPCs in the game.
4. As you continue to lose or win, your relationship with the NPCs may shift, resulting in more drastic consequences to submitting in battle.

The game will act as a demo to introduce people to the world, with the long term goal being to work full time on this project.

Thank you for checking out my game, I hope that I’m able to create something you can enjoy~


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