Rumi Revamped

A revamped version of Rnot2000’s simulation Game

Game Description

Rumi Revamped is a short interactive animation featuring Rnot2000’s beautiful art. With Rnot2000’s permission, I’ve “revamped” their animation adding, lewd sounds, rebuilt UI, and bone-based animation using Spine.

All characters depicted are 18 or older.

Be sure to view the original art here and check out the original animation done by Rnot2000 here.

Use the scroll bar or up and down arrows to view more option

► Programming/ Animation/ and Other Stuff: The Gentle Viking NSFW

► Artist: Rnot2000

► Voice: MizzPeachy

If you like the game consider supporting me on Patreon. With your support, I can make more “revamped” simulations and original games. I’ll also be able to hire artists and voice talent to make the games even better.

A big thanks again to Rnot2000 for letting me use their art and to MizzPeachy for supplying the Voice.


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