Royal Guards of Ethyria

Sexy monster girl guards against monsters!

Game Description

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The Kingdom of Ethyria is a utopia where gold, silvers, and mines were opulently found. Ruled by a King with exceptional skills, power, and strength to protect his people.

However, beyond the kingdom’s richest, was filled with fear and doubt. Monsters with an evergrowing thirst for lust over women are just waiting to delve into the neighborhood’s realm to feed on their flesh and blood.

What would the people do if the monsters lurking outside the kingdom decided to ransack their currently peaceful living?

Will the King’s prowess to protect his people be enough to keep the monsters from harming them? Can the King fight them alone? Or he will finally find unexpected allies among the monsters?

Royal Guards of Ethyria is a visual novel-like game that has the element of a strategic tower defense. The game comprises a magical kingdom that aims to protect and defend its inhabitants from gargantuan and hostile monsters by looking for the most deserving knights in town. A series of monsters will try to invade the palace, and your ultimate goal is to protect it by spawning “Royal Guards” that will help you in accumulating your goal. How you will defend it will be based solely on your planning and strategizing technique. 

Will you answer the call and be one of Ethyria’s Royal Guard? Or will you decline it and watch the kingdom fall apart?

All characters are fictional and 18+ years old.

Our game doesn’t include any illegal or forbidden content according to the TOS.

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