Riding Around in an Office Chair Firing Twin-Stick Style at Wayward Sex Toys

…on the Game Boy, no less. Demake/expansion of one of my earlier games.

Game Description

Essentially a GB Studio demake – but also expansion – of this:

<a href=”Riding” class=”redactor-linkify-object”>https://grave-reaper-cushions.itch.io/riding-around-in-an-office-chair-firing-pi… Around in an Office Chair Firing Ping Pong Balls at Wayward Sex Toys by Grave Reaper Cushions</a>

which in turn is a spinoff of this:

<a href=”Literally” class=”redactor-linkify-object”>https://grave-reaper-cushions.itch.io/literally-a-collectathon-full-of-sex-toys”… a Collectathon full of Sex Toys by Grave Reaper Cushions</a>

Check out the rest of the series here!

And all of a sudden, from right out of nowhere, this project turned into an entry for Strawberry Jam 7.

I was hoping to get this game out by Valentine’s Day, although I was also concurrently working on an entry for Black & White Jam #11 – I guess I really like giving myself a ton of homework… ‍♂️

Randomly happening across Strawberry Jam blessed this project with a much nicer deadline…

A heads-up for the jam runners/ judges: “i started early” – that is, being as the project is a spin-off of my entries for January’s Lewd Jam #1, a lot of the assets were already in place, plus I was already creating new assets by late January.
As for the getting-game-stuff-to-actually-work aspect, that’s absolutely a February thing.

Controls for the browser version:

Downloadable rom versions have alternate control options:

Vibing to the soundtrack? Pick up the mp3s for $1 below!

Is there a Patreon? Of course there’s a Patreon…!

Thanks for looking!


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