Reform School

A degradation-fueled kinky gay game

Game Description

Being sent to St. Agnes Reform School really sucks. To make matters worse, your worst bully awaits you there, ready to torment you. Wait, why does he have a hard-on?

Reform School is a twisted exploration of power dynamics. Will you confront your bullies head-on, abusing them in search of revenge as you ascend the social hierarchy? Or will you embrace your role as a submissive and surrender completely, accepting your place beneath stronger-willed men?

Prepare yourself for a degradation-fueled kinky gay game (MM only). It’s a journey filled with name-calling, humiliation, cruelty, and intense psychological and physical abuse. If you’re yearning for lovey-dovey relationships or a vanilla experience, this story is not for you.

There are no images beyond the avatars. The game is completely powered by my wordy writing and your imagination.

You can find me on this Discord channel


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