Redemptions Keep

A big transformative adventure

Game Description

The browser game version above this is only V 0.2, the newer versions are too big to be handled by the site, and if you want to play the newer versions in browser you can do so at:

Redemptions Keep

A story of the Land of Ahras,

Long ago heroes tried to fight against the demonlord to save the land but they were corrupted, taken over by the demonlord and started fighting their own kind…

That is another story though, you are just someone who wants to survive and get to the next day without getting caught by the monsters that still swam the land.

You have some abilities but nothing special enough to be a hero, at least that is what you think.

Join this long adventure and help others out to maybe built a place that in the far future can become a save heaven for all that still are pure, or build a place to corrupt those that seek shelter~


It’s the third version of an ever growing RPG with base building in it.

For now you can roam the land, find dungeons and other things in the world of Ahras.

There are 3 open areas 3 dungeons and 1 special place as of right now to show what this game should be in the future.

You have basic fighting systems with magic and physical attacks, as well as a basic item system for weapons, armors and usables.

The Game is mainly build upon AI images with some drawn exceptions but the time and thought that went into the game and systems made something that seems like a very good start for a new big game~


This will be the new Era of my Html Games with a brand new made game finally looking like a real Rpg with item systems base building and lot’s of fighting and loot~

This is the first version of many and I hope you will enjoy the content of this first version~

37 Enemies

144 Different profile images changing by race gender and more.

100+ Win sex scenes

100+ loosing sexy scenes

83 Lewd bad ends

7 lewd npc scenes

3 Buildings to build and upgrade

10 levels to reach

8 abilities to find

8 pieces of equipment to find

16 Lewd transformative items

9 other items

12 NPCs to find and interact with

3 Open areas

3 Dungeons

1 Special area

280K words of writing

Close to 750 Images, made by AI and drawn

With this the Journey of this game will begin So if you want to stay tuned maybe join my Discord:

Or maybe you want to support me and get built early or even a little advantage with a cheat built, than you can consider joining my Patreon:


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